Mikael Hedman swedish buddha meditation retreat

The trap of meditation and seeking peace

After some meditation practise, you begin to delineate the distinction between heavy form and the void. If you are devoted to ultimate reality, then this is a great gift. 

You may have practised entering the peaceful state of nothingness, or the void as I call it, for many years. It is a natural trajectory and at the same time an alluring dead end. 

Alluring, because we find it so comfortable and promising; if only we can remain there, if only the normal experience of limitation, regret, and emotional stumble blocks can be lined, infused, or even absorbed into that void – then we will have arrived! …or so we think.

It is a dead end, because it is synthetic. It is merely the extraction of different states, applied in a fashion that suits the human palate. It leads nowhere, but to eventual exhaustion. That day is a good day. That’s when people call me with a sense of dread, yet without knowing it, sits on the pinnacle of their worldly achievement – the achievement of having burnt out the exoteric range of options, including meditation. 

Building void through meditation practise is addictive, we can’t give it up, it holds such ultimate promise and feeds us the signals we have learned are synonymous with our ultimate goal, with enlightenment. Why chose something that isn’t peace, heart, and blissful dissolution – why chose to subject oneself to the hard forms of life and psyche, wasn’t that what we wanted to get away from? 

The pure state of void must fail – and will fail – in order to allow the revelation of existence; of enlightenment. The void is an achieved state, therefore it must sooner or later dismantle and implode, like all form is born, matures, decays, and dies. 

Only the unachieved permanent is enough for the sincere. Only enlightenment is permanent, unchanging, and absolute. All other aspects, states, and levels of consciousness are refractions and expressions. As such they are excellent portals into reality, but they are not to be held as reality. This is the esoteric path you stand before. 

As you will see if you chose to move this direction, it is simpler and more natural than any modified reality could ever be. It is demanding only insofar as your opinion and preferences force you to hesitate and hold back. I think they are tired as it is, ready to relax and experience what tacitly arises, merging with what naturally is.